Affordable luxury - apartments with a private yard - house from the future in the present01/26/23

Affordable luxury - apartments with a private yard - house from the future in the present

The higher living standard in the regional cities, offering optimal opportunities for work, career development, education, raising children, places of entertainment, recreation and culture, suitable, modern and dynamic business environment, led to overpopulation of these cities, inevitably combined with their reconstruction. Boring facades, tall buildings, concrete, lack of free spaces and green areas - the redevelopment creates a feeling of lack of space and freedom and colors the mood of the residents in gray hues. Do you want to escape from the city every weekend, let your senses sink into the greenery, feel nature with every fiber of your body, tired of the gray city, but your work duties do not allow a short escape from reality? A large percentage of the residents of the bigger cities face this problem, often leading to more serious consequences - tension, dissatisfaction, burnout, depression and diseases caused by distress. The way out of the problem is a private yard filled with greenery, giving the opportunity for full relaxation and communication with nature, rest the mind, senses and body, but houses with their own green spaces require significant investment and financial capabilities. The high price of the property, combined with the expensive maintenance not only of the building itself, but also of the yard space and recreation areas in it, are the reasons why consumers who are looking for their new home choose an apartment in the gray boring buildings on the busy boulevards. A choice made not because of the better possibilities of the apartments, but because of the more affordable prices.

apartments with a private yard

How to solve this problem?

Can you satisfy your hunger for green spaces and a private backyard - undeniable advantages of the houses - for the price of an apartment? When it comes to looking for a property, Burgas will surprise you with a variety of offers, but if you are looking for a home that offers green spaces, relaxation areas, peace of mind and senses, security, maximum amenities and comfort, then apartments with a courtyard are the optimal choice such as those offered by Atlantis in the gated Aria II complex.

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Advantages of the apartments with a private backyard in Aria II

Modern facades and architecture with impressive details, affordable luxury – the visual delight is only a small part of the advantages of the apartments in this closed-type residences. Controlled access, high levels of security, underground parking, the view from the complex, the green spaces that surround it and the private backyard of the apartments on the ground floors are the other advantages on the basis of which investors make their choice and those looking for their new home recognize Aria II as such.

apartment with a private backyard

Advantages of the apartments with a private backyard over a house with a garden

Why choose an apartment with a private backyard, located in a closed-type residential complex in the middle of a richly landscaped space instead of a house with a garden? The significantly lower price of the apartment, the affordable investment and the more profitable and economical maintenance are just some of the reasons on which the choice is based. Other benefits and advantages of the apartment with a backyard are:

  • Possibility of social contacts, sharing of and enjoying the free time in a pleasant company, raising together the children with the kids of the other owners in the complex in the common parks and landscaped spaces of the residential buildings and apartments with a backyard.
  • Higher levels of security, lack of personal commitments for the maintenance of the green areas and care for the vegetation. An automated last-generation irrigation system, equipped with its own meteorological station for monitoring the weather, is planned for it.
  • Key locations, situation providing easy access to kindergartens, schools, parks, main roads, hypermarkets, public transport.
  • Modern architecture, quality construction and modern design, creating a feeling of coziness, luxury and harmony with nature and the surrounding environment.
  • Commercial areas on the ground floors - an indisputable plus for those who prefer shopping places to be within arm's reach.
  • Affordable mortgage loans with a low percentage of the borrower's re-payment.

Apartments with their own backyard are affordable luxury, an escape from the overbuilt urban environment, combining all the comforts and advantages of the modern construction with the freedom, tranquility and green spaces of a house with a garden.