The interest in the properties that are sold before even build continues to rise03/06/23

The interest in the properties that are sold before even build continues to rise

In a previous article, we introduced you to what we call a property "on the green" and we gave you some examples of advantages when buying such property. In this article, we will focus on several more reasons why you should make such investment.

Buying a property "on the green", or a property in general, is an essential step in our lives, therefore, before making such decision, it is important to educate ourselves on the subject and use only well-verified sources. As with anything else, when buying a property "on the green", you may hear different advices and opinions from friends and acquaintances, or you may come across conflicting information.

The Atlantis team has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry and it is always of the utmost importance to us to build honest and loyal relationships with our clients. Relying on our many years of experience, we give you some honest personal advices, which we believe will be useful to you in the process of buying a "green" property.


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Tips for buying a property "on the green"

  • Don’t rush with your decisions

Very often we think that in order to buy a property the most important thing is to have a large initial financial capital. Undoubtedly, the availability of funds is a fundamental element in taking such a long-awaited step. No less important is what our subsequent actions will be. Control your emotions so that you can calmly consider whether buying a property "on the green" meets your needs.

  • Specify your reasons for buying a home

When you have a clear idea of why you want to buy a home, it will be much easier to get to the answer of the question of whether buying a property "on the green" will be the best choice.

  • Use professional advice

The high competence in such an extensive and dynamic sector is inherent only to experts with extensive professional experience. Finding a reliable and secure consultant will take a lot of weight off your shoulders and most importantly give you the peace of mind and confidence you need. We advise you to focus on companies with a proven reputation. After making a contact with the pre-selected companies, you will form a personal assessment of their attitude, professionalism and correctness. The things with which you should not compromise are the quality of service, the competence of the consultant and the documentary neatness.

 buying a property on the green

The advantages of buying a property "on the green"

  • Lower than the market property price

Taking into account the increasing inflation and the increase in the price of everything around us, for each one of us the price is essential. The opportunity to buy a property at a significantly lower price than the market price is a real advantage. An example of this can be a 3 bedroom apartment with an area of 121 sq.m in the Euforia complex with a price of 115,256 euros, while for this price it will be difficult to find a two bedroom apartment apartment in good condition in the city of Burgas.

  • Diverse selection

When we buy a property on green, we have the freedom to choose - floor, layout, exposure, specifics of the apartment. When we talk about buying a home, unlimited selection is a huge privilege.

  • Added time

When we buy a property "on the green", especially if the contract is signed before the start of the project, in addition to serious financial relief, we get added time. Time we can invest in getting ready and building up the capital we'll need when the property is ready.


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