Residential complex L6 is located in the border area between the residential blocks of Lyulin 6 and the quiet natural area of Zapaden Park and Malka Konyovitsa. This gives you a balance between modern lifestyle and privacy, between modern look and greenery. The L6 is a perfect choice for any modern family. There is a tram stop in the immediate vicinity, and Lyulin Metro Station is a 20-minute walk away.

L6 consists of three buildings of different storeys with a total of 181 apartments with a functional layout, with almost all apartments offering breathtaking views of the beautiful Vitosha Mountain and also of the city. The design concept balances between white flesh and copper metallic finish in an overall elegant line. This play between materials frames the entire perimeter of all three buildings, forming deep balconies and large storefronts.

The feeling of spaciousness in the complex is enhanced by the comfort of the internal park with an area of over 4 decares and the large spaces between the buildings. The L6 carries the clear message that good design, quality materials and convenient function belong to people in every part of the city.


Start of construction: fourth quarter of 2023
  Completion term: fourth quarter of 2026


  • Green gardens and outdoor areas
  • Outside workout area
  • NFC controlled access
  • Private parking places


Total number of apartments - 181

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Advantages of your new home

  • Walls

    All apartments are handed over finished to foundation stage ready for plastering
  • Central heating

    Soft and pleasant heat from central heating combined with hot water all year round
  • Energy efficiency

    The buildings in L6 are designed with a ventilated facade made of fiber cement - this is how we guarantee each home in the residential complex greater energy efficiency
  • View to Vitosha mountain

    When you cannot go to the mountain, the mountain comes to you. Almost all apartments in L6 offer breathtaking views of the beautiful Vitosha Mountain as well as the city.