The trends in choosing a new property11/17/22

The trends in choosing a new property

Each one of us at a certain stage of its life start to think about a new home, separatation from its relatives, about independence and opportunities to create its own family. And first of all, the question of housing arises in our head. Home is the place that symbolizes comfort and harmony, faith in the future and brings happiness. It is the necessary material foundation to start building our future.

And the question arises whether it is better to buy a newly built home or to invest in a project with a near term of realization or in an old construction.

Advantages and disadvantage of the old construction

  • Existing character.

You are buying a home with a pre-existing character and spirit. An old house or an old apartment - they have already been inhabited, they are built in a certain style, which you could hardly (or expensively) change to suit your idea.

  • Built-in communications.

Communications have already been built, there is an established infrastructure, but this, on the other hand, is a double-edged sword, because the traditional does not allow the modern to enter, to build new communications, shops, etc. The spatial environment is limited and already filled.

  • Opportunity to develop the potentials.

The potential in the old home can be developed, especially if it is in a busy area and in an ideal center, but then it will lack the peace and quiet that give refuge in the hectic everyday life.

  • Bigger space.

The space in the old construction is usually large and wide, high ceilings, separate rooms, but the possibilities of remodeling the home to suit your personal needs are limited. 

  • Low energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency in the old construction of apartments and houses does not match the level that a modern home should meet. This affects monthly utility costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the new construction

  • Blank canvas.

The biggest plus is that you are buying something new. The apartment is just a blank canvas on which you can "paint" your home exactly as you imagine it.

  • Energy efficiency and trendiness 

The apartment is modern and energy efficient, which will lighten your budget and help you focus on the important things in life without worrying about bills.

  • Harmony with nature.

Greenery, proximity to nature is extremely important for the stressful everyday life, and that's exactly what the apartments in the newest complex in Izgrev quarter, Burgas - Aria 2 are like.

  • Communications.

The guarantee of a parking space depending on your specific needs is a major plus that you should pay attention to. Because mobility is a reason for greater freedom and opportunities. On the other hand, there is huge potential in a newly built neighborhood that is yet going to develop its communications. This is a chance for having modern restaurants, large chain stores, new and modern schools and kindergartens, entertainment options, etc. in your close proximity.

The new trends when buying an apartment

Not only globally, but also on our territory, more and more people are looking for their new home in new, developing neighborhoods with newly built housing, large green areas, common spaces where they can spend their free time actively and healthily, among fresh air and freedom. Such an opportunity is the new apartment in Izgrev - a neighborhood that welcomes the sunrise to give a bright and harmonious future in a modern, luxurious, comfortable way in harmony with nature.