Investment in a property by the sea - tips and benefits06/01/22

Investing in real estate has always been one of the safest and most profitable investments.  This is true not only in times of crisis but also in calm and peaceful times, whether we are talking about a house or an apartment.

And yet, there are these kinds of properties that have extraordinary potential, and these are the properties by the sea.  Why and how to invest your money in this type of property - we will explain in the lines below.


investment in real estate

Your second home


Travel restrictions due to the coronavirus helped us rediscover the beauty of the native Black Sea coast.  Holiday properties are an excellent opportunity for year-round recreation by the sea and escape from the hectic city life. 

 If you invest in a property by the sea, you will no longer have to deal with reservations and look for where you would go on vacation in the summer, and why not during the other seasons as well. 

Depending on the location you have chosen, you will have the opportunity during the day to enjoy the warm sand and azure sea, to practice water sports, to walk outside and breathe fresh air, and in the evening to watch the sunset in the company of your loved ones.

Last but not least, life by the sea improves health.  The father of modern medicine - Hippocrates, often recommended thalassotherapy to his patients, which is a combination of seawater and body application with sea mud and algae.  We all know about the iodine smoke early in the morning, which has a beneficial effect on the human body.  In addition, when at the sea, a person more often consumes seafood, which is proven to be one of the best foods for health and longevity.

Secure and rhythmic profitability when buying for investment purposes


Holiday properties have a high yield, and security of return on investment and despite the seasonality is paid off much faster.  Even in the so-called "wings of the season" - spring and autumn - there are opportunities to rent the property, whether for a short-term or long-term.


7 useful tips for investing in a property by the sea


As we just already mentioned some of the most important benefits of the holiday properties, here are some expert tips on how to choose the most reasonable investment:


1. Research the market and identify your preferred resorts or places by the sea.  Here it is important to be aware of the infrastructure, the nearby landmarks that would be of interest, the maintenance of the environment by the municipality, etc.

2. Select buildings under construction or already built ones that are close to the beach.  It is nice to be quiet and peaceful, but also to have a nearby option for entertainment - a water park, disco, restaurants, shops, and more.

3. Research the prices per square meter to determine whether you could buy the property with savings or you will have to seek financing from a bank.

4. Remember that the cheap option is often the more expensive one.  The price you would pay for a bigger and better property is worth it because it will pay off the bigger investment faster.

5. If you are buying a property in a closed-type residential building, make sure that there are all kinds of amenities on its territory that will add value to your purchase.  The presence of a hypermarket, swimming pool, 24-hour security, free parking spaces or spa will be a plus.

6. Research the builder and the investor if you are buying a property that is not built yet. If you liked property in an already completed residential complex, arrange an inspection and go on-site to view everything.

7. Trust professionals when concluding a deal to ensure that everything will go according to the rules.



All you have to do is to furnish or refresh the purchased property with good taste, and then enjoy all the ways in which the proximity to the sea changes life for the better!