How to get a better price when selling your property?04/29/22

Selling a property is an endeavor in which the commercial flair, the attractive presentation, and the art of paying attention to the small details play an equally important role.

You will probably be surprised at how much the value of the home can increase in the eyes of the buyer with some small and inexpensive changes - some of which you can make even without additional support.

Below you will find five easy approaches through which you can get a better price for your home - at no additional costs and with multiple returns.

Cosmetic repairs and refreshments

If the property has been inhabited, then this would be definitely evident - more or less. From the small spots on the walls, through the scratches on the sills or cracks in the joints - taking all together, these small details can significantly change the first impression of the customer.


In other words - it immediately begins to calculate the cost, which will come with the repair and refreshment of the home. Psychologically, most people are willing to pay a significantly higher price for a decent home that has no work to be done than to buy a home that should be renovated without knowing exactly how much it will cost.

Decoration and household accessories

If the basic structural elements and the finishing works are in perfect condition, then there is still something else you can do. Increasingly popular among buyers are the properties furnished on the principle "enter and start living". In practice, this means that the apartment is furnished like a hotel room - with decorations, utensils, textiles, and even paintings on the walls.


With an intelligently planned budget and really good execution, the invested funds can not only be returned but also multiplied.

Professional full cleaning

You probably know the difference between daily and full cleaning, as well as the effect both activities have on the overall look of the property. With the professional full cleaning, every square centimeter is treated - including windows, blinds, joints, and faience.


The result is much more than a brilliant appearance and fresh aroma. When the property is in its best hygienic form, it can look even brighter, more spacious, and larger than if there is the presence of stains invisible to the naked eye.

Professional presentation

Once you have taken care of the way your property looks, you need to consider the importance of proper presentation. It often starts online and is transferred to a real environment, and in both places, there are specifics through which you can increase the value of your offer.

Online presentation

Important elements for your online presentation:

  • A detailed description of size, distribution, and actual living space;
  • Description of how the apartment is situated (east, west, etc.), functional amenities, and advantages of the property;
  • Description of location, infrastructure, public transport, and road junctions;
  • Providing sketches with an exact square footage of all rooms;
  • Professional photos or 360-degree walks on the property;
  • Information about the owner, the status of the property, the absence of encumbrances on it, etc.

Although they do not increase the value of the property automatically, these details create a sense of transparency. They improve the buyer's trust in the seller and facilitate further communication, by laying the right foundation.

On-site presentation

When the client makes a viewing appointment and comes to the place to see the apartment, try to provide the following details:

  • The inspection should be during the light part of the day and to present the home in its best light.
  • Each room in the apartment should be bright and well ventilated at least one hour in advance.
  • There should not be any dust on the furniture, appliances, doors, and windows.
  • The premises should smell pleasant and no personal belongings or construction waste should be seen in the interior.

So - little by little and step by step - you paint for your clients the picture of the dream home. This can help you not only sell your apartment faster but also to get a much better price for it - paid with pleasure and without any hesitation.